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MyMovies is a Block Chain Studios proof of concept beta test of its decentralized development, finance, production, and distribution movie studio ecosystem.

The Fan Owned Movie Studio

The Fan Owned Movie StudioUnder Construction

MyMovies.us is a decentralized Movie Studio owned by Fans, Filmmakers, and their Investors. Recent changes in crowdfunding regulations allows Filmmakers to raise up to $50,000,000 to make their movie now. Powered by Block Chain Studios, MyMovies allows anyone with a Copyright to tokenize their project 's micro-ecosystem and distribute equity shares to anyone on a peer to peer, smart contract ecosystem built on the ethereum network. Build your team and produce your project using state of the art tools and resources. MyMovies Filmmakers can also access billions in liquid crypto currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other valuable crypto curtrencyholders seek to disrupt lhe traditionally exploitive Hollywood financial and accounting systems and share the profits directly with the talented people who add the most value to the project's Copyright.

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Block Chain Studios: A Filmmaker's Cooperative

Everyone on set is a Filmmaker and everyone on set should share in the revenue streams of their movies forever, just like any other investor. More often than not, we filmmakers take low or no pay to make commercially viable art that creates revenue streams for its investors into perpetuity. Your movie should be no different and now the technology exists that will allow you to share revenues from sales instantaneously with your team and investors upon licensing your products to the highest bidders. From the Fans who contribute to gain access to the inside scoop to the Costumers, or to the Cash and Cryptocurrency Investors, each and everyone at the end of the day will say: "That's My Movie!"

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Teodora Rivera, III

Budget: $20,000 - $250,000 USD

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First Movie on BSV Blockchain!

My Movies Presents

Filmmaker of the month

Teodoro Rivera, IIIUnder Construction

Teodoro Rivera
Writer, Producer and Director

Ted Rivera is an award winning filmmaker with over twenty-five years of production and development experience. His student film, the feature length The Night of the Chupacabra, received first prize awards at the North American Science Fiction Film Festival, The Palm Springs International Film Festival, and the Berkeley Latino Film Festival. Rivera, a Roger Corman trained producer, has been developing screenplays for the last fifteen years and his current slate of films at different budgets and genres. His first Producing assignment was Dinocroc, the Sci-Fi Channel breakout smash hit. As Co-Producer and assistant to Roger Corman's Head of Production, Rivera was responsible for the breakdown, schedule, and budget of the $1,000,000 film. Prior to making low budget films, Rivera was a development assistant to Academy Award Nominee Alexandra Rose and Academy Award Winner, Jana Sue Memel.

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Our Partners


IMDb is the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie and TV, and Over The Top content. IMDb enjoys a combined web and mobile audience of more than 250 million unique monthly visitors . IMDb’s algorithms currently rank actors and crew andtheir database contains more than 185 million items including more than 4 million movies, TV, OTT, and video game programs (“Titles”) and more than 8 million cast and crew members (“Names”).MyMovies. Through a licensing agreement with IMDb, MyMovies will utilize this data in algorithms that will differentiate the ecosystem's projects according to the strength of their production teams. This essential metadata of Titles and Names are updated daily. The Data sets are written to an AWS S3 bucket and will seamlessly integrate into our current AWS configuration.

Michael hauge

We are working with Michael Hauge to create a development system to generate coverage and feedback for projects in the ecosystem. Investors want a professional opinion and Michaels is one of the best. Our Founders are paying customers and MyMovies does not profit from any relationship with Storymastery, we only provide his services to filmmakers wanting to give their investors a professional second opinion. Michael has worked with many A-list writers and his method has proven to be a great resource for many filmmakers. We are proud to have him as a partner. Please visit Michael's site, Storymastery.com for more details. (link the storymastery website)

Mark Litwak

Mark Litwak is a veteran entertainment attorney and founder of the Law Offices of Mark Litwak & Associates based in Los Angeles, California. His practice includes work in the areas of copyright, trademark, contract, multimedia law, intellectual property and book publishing. Mark is the Author of several books and his "Contracts for the Film & Television" is a bestseller and an independent filmmakers best friend. He is an adjunct professor at the U.S.C. Gould School of Law where he teaches entertainment law. With Mark's leadership, MyMovies will develop and make available to it's members, the most comprehensive entertainment related smart contract library, complete with a smart contract wizard for premium members.


Zoom offers communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration.

Google Suite

MyMovies is partnered with Google G-Suite to seamlessly integrate the tools necessary for the operation of a digital virtual studio where filmmakers from all over the world can negotiate peer to peer and present their teams and projects to fans, investors, and streaming media providers.

Movie Magic

MyMovies is in discussions with Entertainment Partners as they develop the next generation of Movie Magic Tools. MyMovies will license EP Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling and provide premium membership filmmakers access to this state of the art filmmaking resource.


MyMovies believes in the Masterclass method. Ron Howard's Masterclass is an excellent resource of what it really takes to make a Hollywood movie. We've taken the course and highly recommend it to every filmmaker in our space without substantial feature length credits. The Masterclass structure provides a detailed template through which to communicate the film to investors. Masterclass offers several cutting edge tutorials taught by the best in the entertainment business. Visit their website for a detailed list of classes and instructors.

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